Doggetts Wildlife Area

Doggetts fishery is totally unique.

Situated in the middle of the Rochford wildlife area the lake provides for all types of fisherman from the beginner, the father and son angler, to the hardened specimen hunter. The winter pike fishing is second to none with specimen fish to twenty pounds plus falling to both dead baits and lures.

The lake has great character and has been fished since the 1950’s. New visitors have been known to get lost exploring the back waters and peninsulas known as the long and short arm. It is impossible to tell how many anglers are present as each swim is quite secluded and enjoys privacy. The tench fishing is superb with fish to nine pounds.  The biggest bag of bream fell to Bob Brogden being 400lb in one day. Phil Sellers landed three hundred and sixty pounds of carp in twenty-four hours including two thirties within twenty minutes of each other. But Doggetts is a challenging water and certainly not a runs water. Any carp hooked will be a double, a twenty or hopefully a thirty. The float and feeder fishing are very prolific, but an assortment of baits is essential. Good roach tench, rudd and perch can be found from most parts and unlike most fisheries the lake is not full of small carp in fact the float fishermen never hook carp.

Doggetts fishery provides something for everyone and most anglers comment on how cheap the fishing is. The water is run by Essex Leisure Fisheries for more information phone Cliff on 07958204002 or google Essex Leisure Fisheries and more information can be found on the face book page. Email address is

There is a walk which ever entrance the angler uses. And long stay anglers are recommended to use a barrow and certainly the longest walk is around the lake. If you have never seen Doggetts and you are thinking of fishing this stunning lake, an exploratory trip is highly recommended. You will be very pleasantly surprised.!

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